Themis is a software package offering a wide range of functionalities in order to control the legal risk Financial Intermediaries are faced with.

It integrates several modules in one product which has been entirely designed and developed by adeq. It is a specific software realised with the assistance of different market players. Its modular structure allows a great flexibility and ability to fit into many different situations.

It fits into the characteristics of each Financial Intermediary and is able to adapt to his own specific requirements driven by the profile of his customers.

Some of the most relevant characteristics of Themis are :

  • Improvement of the relationship with clients and better quality of the services provided
  • Automatic and continuous compliance fulfilment monitoring as well as permanent control
  • Implementation of compliance rules (such as AMLA, Client classification) using a clear and structured method
  • Ability to integrate new rules as soon as they become mandatory
  • Systematic process aiming to better detect and avoid risks
  • Database to preserve all information able to prove a proper conduct of business
  • Reporting tools and dashboards for the management